Elizabeth Kirkhorn is a Manhattan-based creative writer, pursuing her Masters of Fine Arts at The New School. Though only 23, she considers herself an old soul - she is a habitual academic and Sleepy Time tea enthusiast, who practices staunch faith in her intuition.

Since becoming hooked on wordsmithing, Elizabeth has dabbled in poetry and prose, been honored at Carnegie Hall upon winning a Scholastic Award for student writing, and completed her Bachelors in Creative Writing Cum Laude at Elon University. Elizabeth took advantage of her major to complete undergraduate research on human connection through the medium of the personal essay, as well as to serve as the Nonfiction Editor of Colonnades Literary and Art Journal.

Professionally, Elizabeth has lent her passion for language to the branding efforts of entities including PBS KIDS, Nutella, AAMCO, the Government of Fiji, Elon Information Technology, and many more. She attributes her success in the corporate world to her English brain helping her to find the right words, and her Communications experience, which has taught her to work tirelessly in ensuring these words perfectly align with the voice of each brand.

Technology. Business. Lifestyle. Research. Features. Stories. Essays. Whatever your vertical, whatever your need, if you're looking for a writer, she's ready

to write.

Elizabeth Kirkhorn