Best Relationship Books To Strengthen Your Love Life

Relationship books can be great for advice on your love life, or for just having a great read.


 Elizabeth Kirkhorn


A Beverage Love Affair

Michael has worked in the hospitality industry since 1982. His love for hospitality began in Baltimore, Maryland; shortly after his start he knew he would stay in hotels. Growing up in a city like Baltimore taught Michael to work hard, and how to connect with customers over football, crab cakes and great service! Even in Phoenix, he’s always saying, “Football and Crab Cakes - that’s what Maryland does!”

Hilton Flavor Magazine

 Elizabeth Kirkhorn


What makes us vulnerable to data breaches? Cathy Hubbs tells all

Cathy Hubbs, the Chief Information Security Officer at American University, holds an intricate job which entails identifying digital risks, as well as maintaining the University’s information security program. This is imperative to protect technologies and services faculty, staff, and students use on American’s campus every day.

Elon Information and

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On Crepes Suzette, Micro Brews, and Driving in Small Towns

Around the time I proofread my grandma’s memoir, I was trying, and largely failing, to learn how to cook. While my mother was an architect in the kitchen, whipping up a scaffolding of lasagna, strip steak, or strawberry shortcake nightly, the chef trait had skipped a generation.

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Extraordinary bread awaits

Hello again from your friends at Simple Kneads.

Simple Kneads

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