• Elizabeth Kirkhorn

A Beverage Love Affair


Michael has worked in the hospitality industry since 1982. His love for hospitality began in Baltimore, Maryland; shortly after his start he knew he would stay in hotels. Growing up in a city like Baltimore taught Michael to work hard, and how to connect with customers over football, crab cakes and great service! Even in Phoenix, he’s always saying, “Football and Crab Cakes - that’s what Maryland does!”

After moving to Redondo Beach, California in the 1987 where he continued his hotel career, his passion for food expanded from East Coast classics, to West Coast essentials like sushi and great Mexican food. It wasn’t until 2004, when he found his home here at Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs, that his passion for food began to evolve into a passion for beverage. As Phoenix has increasingly become a hot spot for craft breweries, wineries and distilleries Michael has been at the heart of it all. Through experiencing the beverage growth of Phoenix he’s learned the art of craft beer and pairing food to that specific drink. After each and every new spot he tries, he is always bringing back ideas, trends and recipes for creating a truly integrated food & beverage experience for our guests. After being at Tapatio Cliffs for over 15 years it has become his passion to provide the “Pointe” culture to all the guests who visit our unique resort by showcasing and engaging them with tasty Southwest Beverage offerings that are as unique as the resort we call our home.

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